Plate of Serrano ham
Green salad
SALAD SARLADAISE (duck breast, foie gras on toast, duck gizzards, etc)
SALAD PAYSANNE (lettuce, tomato, bacon, croûtons, egg, blue cheese)
CAESER SALAD (chicken, tomato, egg, parmesan shavings, anchovies)
Raw Beef Carpaccio
SEAFOOD SALAD (avocado, salmon, seafood, parsley, tomatoes)


Veal escalope with cream
Veal MILANAISE Pan friend veal escalope with bolognaise sauce
Grilled steak
Duck breast
Hamburger with chips and salad
Hamburger Savoyard (with Reblochon cheese) with chips and salad
Hamburger Chèvre (with Goats cheese) with chips and salad
Hamburger Auvergnat (with St Nectaire/Cantal cheese) chips and salad
Provençale Burger (potato rosti, bacon, cheddar, onion chutney)

Choice of sauce (pepper, blue cheese, mushroom)

Cooked starters

Grilled mussels with parsley butter sauce
Grilled mussels with blue cheese sauce
Goats cheese salad


Flash fried king prawns
Trilogy of fish (king prawns, cuttlefish, salmon)
Grilled salmon
Fish and chips

Specialities from the wood-oven

Grilled camembert cheese with salad
Homemade lasagne with small green salad
Ravioli with grilled cheese and green salad
Veal SORRENTINA Veal with a slice of ham and a mushroom sauce


Tagliatelli Bolognaise
Tagliatelli Carbonara
Tagliatelli with blue cheese sauce
Tagliatelli with mushroom sauce
Tagliatelli à la Provençale with sour cream, goats cheese, pesto, sundried tomatoes, serrano ham)

Nos Formules

Children’s menu 10,50€

Children up to 12 years old

Nuggets and chips or burger and chips or a small pizza (regina (tomato, ham, cheese) or marguerite (cheese and tomato) or Pasta with sauce (Bologanise/Carbonara, blue cheese or mushroom)
Glass of squash
Scoop of ice-cream or fruit purée

Fixed Price Menu 27,00€

Goats cheese salad
Raw sliced beef carpaccio
Grilled mussels with parsley butter

Fish and chips
Sirloin steak
Veal Escalope with cream sauce

Dessert of the day
2 scoops of ice-cream


Frozen Profiteroles
Chocolate Mousse
Creme Brûlée
Dessert of the day
Plate of cheeses
Ile Flottante (Custard with meringue topping)
Coffee or Tea with a selection of mini-desserts