Traditional style pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven

MARGUERITA tomato, cheese 8,00€

NAPOLITAINE tomato, cheese, anchovies 8,50€

REGINA tomato, cheese, ham 9,00€

ROYALE tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms 10,00€

PIZZAIOLE tomato, fresh tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, ham, cheese, garlic 10,50€

ANDALOUSE tomato, chorizo, onions, peppers, cheese 10,00€

TAHITIENNE tomato, chicken, pineapple, cheese 11,00€

PAYSANNE tomato, onions, bacon, sour cream, cheese 10,50€

CATALANE tomato, minced beef, onions, sour cream, cheese 10,50€

NORVEGIENNE tomato, cheese, smoked salmon, sour cream, chives, lemon 11,50€

TUNISIENNE tomato, spicy beef and lamb sausage, onions, peppers, cheese 10,50€

PARMA tomato, cheese, mushrooms, dried ham 10,50€

PESCATORE tomato, cheese, mixed seafood, garlic, parsley, prawns 11,00€

INDIENNE tomato, chicken, onions, curry, sour cream; cheese 10,50€

KEBAB tomato, cheese, kebab lamb, onions, sour cream 12,00€

4 FROMAGES tomato, goats cheese, blue cheese, Camembert, Emmental 11,50€

BIQUETTE tomato, cheese, goats cheese, honey 11,00€

BALKANNE tomato, minced beef, onions, peppers, cheese  10,50€

ROSSINI tomato, foie gras, smoked duck, duck gizzards, cheese 12,50€

SAVOYARDE tomato, sour cream, potatoes, bacon, onions, Reblochon cheese  12,50€

AUVERGNATE tomato, cheese, bacon, St Nectaire cheese, Cantal cheese, onions, sour cream 12,50€

PROVENCALE tomato, cheese, aubergines, peppers, courgettes  10,50€

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